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Evolution Robotics, Inc. ( develops state-of-the-art robotics solutions, and partners with original equipment manufacturers to integrate those technologies into new and more intelligent products. Whether used within autonomous robots for commercial or consumer use, or electronic devices with increased, intelligent functionality, Evolution Robotics provides the technologies and services to bring those products to life, and to market.
The company's flagship product - ERSP® - is a software development platform designed to provide core infrastructure for robotic application development projects. This core infrastructure along with key robotic functionality including computer vision, navigation and path planning, and human-robot interaction, enables companies to focus on creative product development using state-of-the-art tools.

Evolution Robotics develops superior visual pattern recognition and autonomous navigation technologies that can be easily integrated into robotic and intelligent devices. The company's ViPR® technology (visual pattern recognition) is exceptional for its robust and reliable capabilities while working with very low-cost cameras like those found in standard web cams and the latest cell phones. Evolution Robotics ViPR technology can be used to produce a broad range of functional and marketable consumer products.

In addition, Evolution Robotics offers two technologies that give products the ability to be autonomous in unstructured, dynamic environments.

vSLAM® - the first-ever simultaneous localization and mapping technology that provides true, robust navigation with a software and single-sensor solution. vSLAM can be used in large or small environments, indoors and out, and is based on the company's ViPR technology.
NorthStar® - a low-cost, indoor localization solution that combines a small sensor, processor and IR projector, providing accurate location information in real-time.
Evolution Robotics products and services are used by over 65 organizations and companies worldwide. Many of today's top research institutions and universities also utilize the company's technologies for their own R&D efforts, as well as for instructional use, including Caltech, MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, University of Tokyo and University of Hong Kong.

Evolution Robotics works closely with OEMs to identify compelling product ideas and bring them to life. Sony Corporation's Entertainment Robot Company was the first to integrate Evolution Robotics' ViPR technology into a commercial product - the Sony AIBO robotic dog. Evolution Robotics collaborated with Sony engineers to optimize the performance of the technology to run on a very low-cost processor.