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With a 50-plus year history of leadership, Tyco Electronics is a US$10.3 billion global provider of engineered electronic components for thousands of consumer and industrial products; network solutions and systems for telecommunications and energy markets; undersea telecommunication systems; and specialty products. We design, manufacture and market products for customers in a broad array of industries including automotive; data communication systems and consumer electronics; telecommunications; aerospace, defense and marine; medical; energy; and lighting. Tyco Electronics is an independent, publicly traded company whose common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “TEL.”

We manufacture approximately 450,000 precision-engineered products all backed by approximately 78,000 committed employees with a singular commitment to bringing a performance advantage to every technology, product and service we provide.

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Bowthorpe IEEE Heavy duty arrester

Bowthorpe IEEE Heavy duty arrester

Bowthorpe EMP & Raychem are among the leading brands in the worldwide market for the protection of utility major assets. Their extensive range of Polymeric Surge Arresters are in service in over 130 countries & are protecting installations in all climate conditions from the artic circle to the tropics. Our products are designed & manufactured to IEC & ANSI Standard. read more